New Panasonic Thick Film Chip Resistors That Offer A Maximum Category Temperature of 175°C! 

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Resistor Products, introduces the NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Automotive Grade, High Temperature Thick Film Chip Resistors.

The NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Resistor product line achieves a maximum Category Temperature of 175°C and a maximum Rated Operating Temperature of 105°C. These NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Automotive Grade Thick Film Chip Resistors endured 1000 cycles of thermal shock testing by Panasonic in which they were exposed to heat ranging from -55°C to +175°C.

The NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Resistors offer small size, higher power Resistor alternatives that provide enhanced flexibility of PCB design by reducing solder-joint crack risk.

AEC-Q200 Compliance and IEC 60115-8, JIS C 5201-8 and JEITA RC-2134C Reference Standards for the entire NEW ERJ-Hxx Series of Automotive Grade, High Temperature Thick Film Chip Resistors from Panasonic ensures optimal quality and reliability

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