The Functionality Of 500 Displacement Sensors In Just One Device!

The HL-D3 Series was developed based on a new concept of capturing the shape of objects with points instead of a line. The new Panasonic Displacement Sensors feature faster measurement, achieved by selecting only the desired sensing points; and adjustable light intensity for each sensing point, which contributes to stable, precision detection; both without compromising the Z-axis resolution. This is equivalent to the performance of 500 high-precision Displacement Sensors with a resolution of 1 μm 0.039 mil.

Additional Features

  • Four Measuring Modes For Different Requirements - With The HL-D3 Measurement Sensor Heads, You Can Choose One Of Four Sensing Modes To Cater To A Variety Of Measurement Needs, Including High-Speed Sensing In Production Lines And High-Precision Detection At Workstations Outside Production Lines.
  • Multi-Select Displacement Sensing - The Displacement Sensor Senses Up To 10 Measurement Points Specified On The X Axis And Completes The Judgment At Super-High Speed.
  • Whole Synchronized Measurement - The Displacement Sensor Performs Sensing Of All Target Objects With The Same Sensitivity Adjustment Throughout The Entire Width Measurement Range (X Axis). This Mode Is Suitable For The Sensing Of Fast-Moving Objects.
  • Multi-Zone Beam Control - High-Precision Sensing Is Achieved By Segmenting The Width Measurement Range (X Axis) To Optimize Light Intensity. This Mode Is Suitable For The Sensing Of Objects With Varied Glossiness Or Color. 

The innovative optical system allows the HL-D3 to work with parallel beams. Parallel beams reduce the area of shadow that appears when light shines on the target object, thus making it possible to sense the shape of the target object more accurately than with non-parallel beams.


  • High-Precision Measurement Sensor With A Resolution Of 1μm. 
  • The Functionality Of 500 Displacement Sensors In A Device That Is Just 12.5mm Wide! 
  • Height Measurement Range (i.e. Sensing Range On The Z Axis): 50 ± 10mm 
  • Center Point Of The Height Measurement Range: 50mm 
  • Width Measurement Range (i.e. Sensing Range On The X Axis): 12.5mm 
  • Sampling Rate: Max. 80µs 
  • Resolution: 1µm
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