The HD-T1 Series is a new Wafer Alignment Sensor that uses a safe red LED light beam, with a resolution of 30µm, to achieve the same high level performance as Laser Sensors. The HD-T1 Sensor is best suited to detect wafer eccentricity, notches and orientation flats. Using linear image Sensor methodology and high-speed sampling technology, a wide variety of objects can now be stably measured with great precision at ultra-high speeds. This CCD style Sensor is developed for use in almost all fields of industry, e.g. tire manufacturing or Semiconductor production (Wafer Printed Circuit Boards). 


  • No Safety Measures Are Required
  • High Resolution Of 30µm
  • Easy Installation
  • No Need For Beam Axis Alignment
  • Low Current Consumption Of 70mA Or Less
  • Adjustment Functions For Both Span And Shift Have Been Incorporated
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