As a specialty Sensor manufacturer, Panasonic provides a wide array of motion / displacement Sensors to accommodate cutting edge sensing application requirements.

The Panasonic 6in1 Sensor (6DoF Automotive Inertial Sensor) is a new technology for automotive and industrial applications extremely highly accuracy, flexibility and sensitivity are required.

Panasonic Infrared Motion Sensors are designed for a variety of smart solutions including smart home and building, IoT, medical imaging, robotics, digital signage and people counting. Passive Infrared Sensors allow easy integration and high reliability with environment-friendly materials. The Grid-EYE® MEMs-based Infrared Array Sensor determines thermal presence, direction of motion, and temperature values of people and objects.

For Industrial Automation, high accuracy thru-beam and reflective Laser Measurement Sensors are IP67 rated for harsh environments, with some models designed for high speed, high precision.

Panasonic Gyro Sensors detect angular rate for vehicle navigation, navigation incline detection / direction of movement, and rollover detection. They are also suitable for use with robots and robotic solutions.