Panasonic offers compact, high sensitivity Air Quality, Gas and Flow Sensors for use in equipment or automation processes. 

Designed for air quality / IAQ monitors and home appliances, the Laser Type PM (Particulate Matter) Sensor can detect dust particles down to the 0.3 m size. 

Panasonic’s low power Ultrasonic Gas Sensor can measure gas flow and concentration with high accuracy for flow rates up to 25 L/min for gases such as Oxygen, Air, Natural Gas, CO2, N20, Helium, and Hydrogen. 

For production facilities, the Ultrasonic Air / Nitrogen Flow Sensors measure rates from 0.5l/min to 1,000l/min for many applications including controlling purge gas and air surge, checking the seating of parts and suction for pick and place machines.  They can also be used for quality control, energy savings and cost management with our environmentally friendly products. These easy-to-use Sensors with an integrated digital display can be used to detect flow bi-directionally, for both intake and exhaust.