Panasonic offers a comprehensive array of modular Programmable Logic Controller products that range from compact units with basic functionality to high-performance full function systems capable of analog control, network communication, and positioning control, to name a few. Regardless of the application requirements, all Panasonic's PLCs require minimal programming effort to achieve the desired results thanks in part to their innovative programming software FPWIN Pro. Outstanding price-performance ratio coupled with the FPWIN Pro Software provide a dramatic cost savings due to the reduction in time spent on programming and debugging the application.


Panasonic's Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touchscreen Terminals are one of the most flexible, brightest and sharpest operator panels in the industry. All of Panasonic's HMI panels come preloaded with a library of 3D parts to simplify the process of building custom interfaces, ultimately reducing the time and effort required to get the operator panels up and running. Whether the application calls for large or small panels, full color or grayscale, Panasonic provides a wide range of HMI panel options .

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