PAN1326C2 Series Bluetooth® Multi Mode Wireless Connectivity RF Module and Evaluation Kit

Panasonic’s FCC Listed PAN1326C2 Series Host Controlled Interface (HCI) Bluetooth RF Module brings Texas Instrument’s seventh-generation Bluetooth core integrated circuit, the CC2564C, to an easy-to-use Module format. The PAN1326C2 is Bluetooth 4.2 compliant and offers best-in-class RF performance. Panasonic’s tiny footprint technology has produced a Module of only 85.5mm². The PAN1326C2 is designed to accommodate PCBs pad pitch of 1.3mm and as little as two layers for easy implementation and manufacturing. This Module has been designed to be 100% pin compatible with previous generations of Texas Instruments based Bluetooth HCI Modules.

The PAN1326C2 Evaluation Kit is an all-inclusive and comprehensive Evaluation Kit consisting of one PAN1326C2 Daughterboard (ETU) for TI’s Development Board and one TI Adapter Board.


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