Consumer Plus 3D TLC NAND microSDHC/SDXC Memory Cards

Panasonic’s TC Series microSDHC/SDXC Memory Cards utilizes Panasonic’s newest 3D NAND Flash technology to ensure reliability, very low risk of BOM changes and lower overall cost per gigabyte compared to 2D NAND Flash technology.  The 3D NAND-based TC Series microSDHC/SDXC Memory Cards use Panasonic’s proprietary SD Controller and firmware increasing write efficiency and card lifetime as well as allowing lifetime simulations and card analysis.  The TC Series microSD Cards also feature a microSD UHS-I interface and outstanding performance with Class 10, UHS-I U1 speeds.  A Static Wear Leveling algorithm ensures erase blocks within the NAND flash have evenly distributed wear.  Bad Block Management efficiently handles physical erase blocks that become unusable over time (due to hitting their program threshold). The result is a higher overall card endurance.  Quality is maintained with 100% product screening before shipment to achieve a low failure rate.

Series PIM ID