Panasonic EKMB Series PIR Motion Sensors are suitable for low current consumption for battery-driven applications. Reduces current consumption (1, 2, or 6μA) with featured special circuit design technology allowing longer battery life. 

  • Low current options available in 1μA, 2μA, and 6μA 
  • Available in lensless, 5m distance, 12m, and 17m long-distance options
  • Wall installation, horizontally wide, high-density long distance, low profile types available
  • Available in black, white and pearl white lens colors

The EKMB Series “Low Profile” PIR Motion Sensor consists of a lens to create various detection zones, an optical filter to block non-infrared light, pyroelectric sensing elements, and an impedance converter to get an electrical signal. In addition, Panasonic also integrates an amplifier and comparator circuit on the same chip all densely packed inside the stem block. The “Low Profile” PIR Motion Sensors feature a one-chip ASIC design that is superior to discreet solutions by saving space, adding electromagnetic shielding to all circuitry and cutting down on the number of components required. Click here to learn more.

The EKMB Series "Wide Field of View" PIR Motion Sensor is named for its unique capabilities, these PIR Sensors have a flat and rectangular shape which improves detection in a single axis up to 150 degrees. Also, since the detection zones are overlapping, this Sensor can detect motion directly approaching the Sensor. Click here to learn more.

The EKMB Series "Wall Mount Installation" PIR Motion Sensor is named for its unique capabilities which are designed to allow wall mounting as opposed to top mounting. Wall Mount Installation applications for Panasonic PIR Sensors include designing in a field of view optimized for pet immunity installed in a room. Click here to learn more.

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