Based on a rigorous analysis of embedded device software and system needs, the Panasonic AM1 (MN101C/MN101E/MN101L) and AM3 (MN103H/MN103S/ MN103L) Series signal a new concept in Microcomputer design. With 8-bit and 32-bit models that share a unified architecture, Panasonic Microcomputers combine high performance with low power consumption in a package that supports C-language programming for a fast, efficient development cycle. Since the instructions for MN103H/MN103S and MN101C/MN101E are respectively compatible with MN103L's and MN101L's, the programming data can be inherited to achieve efficient system development. Panasonic Microcomputers feature a single development environment and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-performance embedded controllers and key devices in multimedia hardware.

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