Panasonic provides a diverse lineup including new ultra-small PMCP (Power Mount CSP) with high heat dissipation. MOSFETs for Load Switch features industry leading Low RDS(on).

Features / Benefits:

  • New Small, Thin Package PMCP (Power Mount CSP) With High Heat Dissipation
  • Newly-developed Small, Thin Package PMCP (Power Mount CSP) Featuring High Thermal Dissipation
  • 46% Smaller (Footprint), 67% Thinner (Thickness), 82% Lower (Volume), And 5% Higher (Thermal Dissipation) Compared To Previous Package
  • 47% Lower On-resistance
  • On-resistance Per Unit Area Reduced By 47% By Combining The 110-nm Fine Process And Wafer Thinning Technologies
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