Panasonic’s AJ8S (J8S) Series Power Rocker Switches have a contact for low level current and a 3mm contact gap. These Switches have high inrush current resistance that is ideal for office automation equipment applications. The operation of these AJ8S Series Switches only requires a light touch and incorporates a contact low level circuit.

Features & Benefits:

  • Power Switches for Safety Requirements
  • Cadmium-free Contact Compatibility
  • Contact Voltage
  • Power: 250V AC
  • Signal: 5V AC
  • Resistive Load
  • Power: 16A
  • Signal: 10Ma
  • Inrush Load: 160A
  • Dielectric Strength
  • Power: Initial, 2,000 V AC RMS
  • Signal: Initial, 100 V DC RMS
  • Vibration Resistance: 10 to 55 Hz at a Single Amplitude of 0.75mm
  • Shock Resistance
    • Functional: Min. 294m/s2 Contact Opening Max. 1ms
    • Destructive: Min. 980m/s2
Series PIM ID