The Panasonic Y3B Series Connectors are 0.3mm Pitch Connectors used to secure FPC/FFC with a locking lever. These Connectors use a back lock type construction which contributes to a slim design of 3.15mm width. Additionally, a low profile design of 0.9mm height also facilitates device miniaturization.

The use of double top and bottom contacts construction allows for an improvement of mechanical design flexibility and eliminates the need of using different Connectors (with either top or bottom contacts) depending on the FPC wiring conditions.

Y3B Series Connectors are also designed in a way that allows for wiring patterns to be placed under the Connector.

These Connectors are constructed with wall moldings on the four sides on the FPC inlet making positional displacement of the FPC/FFC less likely to occur during insertion.

The back lock construction eliminates the possibility of the lever from accidentally opening if the FPC is tilted upwards preventing a common failure mode. Additionally, the lever locking mechanism can also save time and effort on the assembly production line as the Connector is delivered with the lever already in the open position.

The terminals of the Y3B Series Connectors uses a nickel barrier with high resistance to solder creepage.

Series PIM ID