High Capacity. Low Power Consumption.

Panasonic's HE-N Series General Power Relays feature high switching capacity of 120A @ 480VAC or 55A @ 800VAC in a 1 Form A (SPST-NO) contact arrangement. These Relays offer a compact size of 50mm x 40mm x 43mm which can be mounted on a PC Board without screw terminals for easier design and faster board assembly.

HE-N Series General Power Relays also have a large contact gap of 3.6mm which is a requirement for solar inverter applications. These Relays are well suited for many energy management applications with low power consumption and only 400mW coil holding power.


  • High Capacity Contact Rating: 120A @ 480VAC (1,000 Cycles N.O.) Or 55A @ 800VAC (10,000 Cycles N.O.)
  • Compact 50mm x 40mm x 43mm Case Size
  • PCB Mounted
  • Low 400mW Coil Holding Power
  • Large 3.6mm Contact Gap And 10.5mm Insulation Distance
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant


  • High-Capacity
  • Takes up Less Board Space
  • Easier Assembly for High Volume Projects
  • Low Power Operation
  • Meets IEC 61810-1
  • Environmentally Friendly
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