6mm Square Thin Type SMD Tactile Switches

Panasonic’s 6mm Square Thin Type SMD Tactile Switches are 6.5mm x 6.0mm and feature high durability and excellent tactile characteristics for click feeling, click sound, and travel. Providing short switch travel distance provides quick output and are available with or without ground terminals as well as J-Bent and straight terminal options. These Switches are ideal for use in a variety of applications including medical devices, industrial lighting, industrial communications, and more.

The available 6mm Square Thin Type SMD Tactile Switch Series include: 

  • EVQ-P0 Series
  • EVQ-Q2 Series
  • EVQ-6Q2 Series
  • EVQ-7Q2 Series 
  • EVP-BT Series


Series PIM ID
Content Bands