Panasonic's A35P Series Board-to-FPC Connectors feature a high current rating of 5 A (using 1.25 A/pin contact × 8 pin contacts) plus signal current at 0.5A per contact for a total of 12A. The support of high current means the number of pins can be reduced to meet requirements where design space is limited. There are no special pin assignments that allow for increased design freedom for pin layout and multiple high current lines. The A35P Series Connector has a terminal pitch of 0.35mm, a width of 2.5mm, and a mated height of 0.8mm. A secure and tactile feel using Panasonic’s Tough Contact structure provides high resistance to shock and vibration. The A35P Series is designed for connection between PC boards where there is a tendency for higher pin counts with higher charging current. These applications are typically the connection interface of all modules which drives up power consumption. This Series has both a socket and a mating header that must be purchased separately.


  • High Current Rating of 5A (1.25 A/pin contact × 8 pin contacts)
  • Multiple High-Current Lines
  • Tough Contact Construction
  • Smooth Insertion Guide
  • Solder Terminals at Each Corner


  • Fewer Pins Required for Power Contacts
  • Any Pin Can Be Used as a Power Contact
  • Highly Reliable Contact Structure
  • Improved Tactile Feel / Secure Connection
  • Enhanced Mounting Strength
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